Thursday, 13 June 2013

Weetwood Hall and Maxi's - A Chinese Wedding

It's great when you do a wedding and you are then asked back to do the wedding of the brother of the bride, but when you are asked a third time to photograph and film the wedding of the third son then it's just fantastic.  You almost begin to feel like family as you know so many people there.  In fact at the meal in Max's restaurant in Leeds we were even invited to sit with the wedding party for the meal, so warm and welcoming is Chinese hospitality at a wedding.  It's also perhaps this familiarity with the family that allowed me to get that great photo of the father of the groom, as he was joking with me about how many times I had photographed him.  Chinese weddings tend to start off much the same as a traditional English wedding, with the bride in a white dress and a civil ceremony.  Once they move onto the Chinese restaurant things tend to be very different, with much more colour (always red), firecrackers, dancing unicorns, games and quite often some fairly serious drinking, usually undertaken by the best man, who, I must say, undertook this role with considerable enthusiasm!  There is always so much going on that it is a fantastic opportunity to get some great wedding photos!  Here is a selection:

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