Saturday, 25 August 2012

A 2 Hour Wedding in Wakefield

Last week-end was our busiest of the year so far.  Alex and I were at Thorp Park on Friday photographing a wedding while Yvonne had a video at The Old Golf House at Outlane, Huddersfield. Saturday saw us at The Village in Leeds for another video whilst Sunday was long day at the beautiful Oakwell Hall in Birstall.  The long week-end finished with a very different wedding - 1 couple with 5 guests at Wakefield Registry Office, followed by photos in Thornes Park in Wakefield.  Now at every wedding that I attend I like to challenge myself.  Quite often if it is a venue that I attend often, such as the Waterton Park Hotel, then I always try to think of a new photo to take every time.  In this case, it was to be how many good quality photos we could take in the two hours that we were going to be there  for.  I was hoping for around 150 or so.  In the event the wedding party were a really nice crowd and we had a lovely, relaxed wedding and managed to get 341 good photos. Result!  Here are a few of them.  Today it's a video at Wentworth Castle whilst Alex is at Waterton Park,  tomorrow wedding photography at Wentbridge House.  Busy, busy!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Wedding Photography at the Thorpe Park Hotel, Leeds

The Magic Moments team split up yesterday, with Richard and Alex going north to Leeds to photograph a wedding at Thorpe Park, while Yvonne set off to Huddersfield to video a wedding at The Old Golf House.  The weather forecast was for rain all day, so Alex and I filled the car with studio lights for indoor photos and umbrellas for any outdoor photos.  In the end we needed neither of them, as it only rained when Jo and Andrew were having their meal.  We had already taken the group shots before the meal and then managed to get outside again after the meal for some rather special couple shots.  As usual Alex worked his magic on the ring photograph.  To-day we have a wedding video at Woodkirk Church, tomorrow it's photography and video at Oakwell Hall, followed by a wedding on Monday in Wakefield.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Sunshine at Kings Croft, Pontefract

Just got home from to-day's wedding with Lisa and Steven at All Saint's Church in Pontefract followed by a reception at Kings Croft.  It made such a pleasant change to be photographing sunrays rather than raindrops.  It seems to have done nothing but rain for the last two months!