Sunday, 7 February 2010

Burn Hall, York

Just had a great day at Burn Hall in York in the company of 30 like-minded photographers and 5 great models. The great advantage to me on a day like this is that it gives me time to play and try out new ideas. Then, if they work, I can utilise them on the wedding day to quickly get the shot, then get on with the next one. The secret of great wedding photography is to get as many good shots in as short as time as possible, so that the bride and groom get a fantastic wedding album but also have plenty of time to enjoy their day. To-morrow it's off to Lincoln to take some family portrait shots of Rachael and Leigh, a wedding couple of mine who got married in 2008 and now have a new addition to the family. Then it's off to Hazlewood Castle the week after for our first wedding of the year.