Wednesday, 22 January 2014

London Photos

Yesterday I took advantage of a really cheap offer from East Coast Trains and had a day in London (£5 each way from Wakefield - unbelievable!) with Chris Chambers and a couple of other photographers.  It might seem a bit sad that on a day off I choose to take photos but it gives me a chance to experiment with different styles and camera settings so it's a lot different from photographing a wedding so it makes quite a change, although I do have a wedding in York soon with the York Eye right outside the Royal York Hotel, so this was also a bit of practice for that, so I suppose that there was a wedding connection with that.  Speaking of weddings I really must upload some more photos onto here from weddings from last year.
The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament just as the sun was setting

Westminster Bridge and Big Ben

Westminster Bridge and the Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

An atmospheric shot of Westminster Abbey

St. Paul's Cathedral

The River Thames with St. Paul's in the Background

The River Thames and the London Eye

The London Eye

A rather different angle for the London Eye

The London Eye

The Last Shot of the Night and I think my favourite before catching the tube to King's Cross for the journey back to Wakefield